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Additional Defences to Director's Liability Assessments

Alpert Law Firm are the Tax Law Professionals. Our Team has won many difficult Director's Liability cases involving assessments for Employee Source Deductions and HST. In addition to using the due diligence defence, there are several other types of defences that we have effectively used to help our clients in a cost-effective manner. To access Part 2 of our recent Legal Business Report which deals with these defences and discusses the leading and most recent cases in this area, click here.

Howard Alpert, C.S. was successful in using the due diligence defence against a Director's Liability Assessment in a Tax Court of Canada case. To read a summary of the decision of the Tax Court in Facchini v. Her Majesty the Queen, 2004 DTC 3677, click here. For more information on our Tax Dispute Resolution services, click here.

Share Purchase Transactions – Additional Tax Planning Considerations

When entering into a share purchase transaction, many clients are not aware that there are additional tax planning considerations regarding non-resident vendors, earnout agreements and section 88 wind-ups. There are significant implications regarding the issuance of a section 116 Clearance Certificate for a share sale by a non-resident vendor. To read Part 2 of our latest Legal Business Report on this topic, click here.

Alpert Law Firm are specialists in share purchase transactions. Howard Alpert, C.S. has been certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Corporate and Commercial Law and as a Specialist in Taxation Law and is recognized as an expert in Estates and Trusts Law. Our Team designs plans to assist our clients in minimising and deferring taxes in a cost-effective manner. For more information, click here.

Tailor Made Estate Administration Solutions

Administering an estate can be a challenging experience. Alpert Law Firm is recognized as an expert in Estates and Trusts Law. Our Team's expertise and personal attention will assist you in overcoming any difficulty, and ensure you can execute your responsibilities fully and with confidence.

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