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Shareholder Loan Repayments

Subsection 15(2) of the Income Tax Act prevents the tax-free distribution of corporate funds to, or for the benefit of shareholders through the use of loans or other indebtedness transactions. There are important exceptions for certain types of shareholder loan repayments. To review Part 2 of our newest Legal Report, which discusses the most recent developments on this topic, click here.

Alpert Law Firm's tax expertise enables its corporate clients to minimise and defer their taxes when engaging in commercial transactions and corporate reorganisations. Howard Alpert, C.S. is certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Corporate and Commercial Law and as a Specialist in Taxation Law and is recognized as an expert in Estates and Trusts Law. Our Team has extensive knowledge and skill in transactions involving virtually every area of Corporate and Commercial Law. Our clients range from family businesses to large corporations, and operate in all types of industries. For more information on our Tax Planning Services, click here.

Additional Defences for Non-Arm's Length Property Transfers

Many clients are not aware that subsection 160(1) of the Income Tax Act imposes joint and several liability for tax on certain transfers of property between persons who do not deal at arm's length with each other. Both the transferor and the transferee can be held jointly and severally liable for the transferor’s taxes. There are several additional types of defences that Our Team has effectively used to help clients in dealing with the CRA regarding subsection 160(1) assessments. To access Part 3 of our latest Legal Business Report in this area, click here.

Alpert Law Firm are the Tax Law Professionals, with over 40 years’ experience in winning leading cases and a reputation for getting excellent results for your clients. Howard Alpert, C.S. is certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Taxation Law. Our Team has superior case management skills and achieves the most favourable resolution of disputes for our clients, whether through negotiating timely and reasonable settlements or by vigorous representation in court. For more information on our Tax Dispute Resolution services, click here.

Alpert Law Firm Expands With Addition of Natalie Chan as Research Student

Howard Alpert is pleased to announce the continued expansion of Alpert Law Firm to service the increasing taxation and corporate and commercial needs of its Canadian and international clients. Natalie Chan has joined Our Team as a research student specializing in tax dispute resolution, corporate taxation and wealth preservation matters.