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Additional Defences to Penalty Assessments (Part III)

There are several additional types of defences that Our Team has effectively used to help our clients in many difficult Penalty Assessment cases. To access Part 3 of our recent Legal Business Report which deals with these defences and discusses the most recent cases in this area, click here.

Howard Alpert, C.S. successfully defended a taxpayer against both a Net Worth Assessment and a Penalty Assessment in a precedent-setting Tax Court of Canada case by a variety of methods, including an innovative mental illness defence, a rebuttal of Statistics Canada data relied on by CRA, gifts and an inheritance. To read a summary of this Tax Court decision in Cox v. The Queen, click here.

Alpert Law Firm are the Tax Law Professionals, with over 40 years' experience in winning leading cases and a reputation for getting excellent results for your clients. Our Team has superior case management skills and achieves the most favourable resolution of disputes for our clients, whether through negotiating timely and reasonable settlements or by vigorous representation in court. For more information on our Tax Dispute Resolution services, click here.

Planning for Employee Stock Options

Many clients are not aware of the benefits of using employee stock options to remunerate employees. There have been recent amendments to the complex provisions of Section 7 of the Income Tax Act, which governs the taxation of employee stock options. To read our latest Legal Business Report on this topic, click here.

Howard Alpert, C.S. has been certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Corporate and Commercial Law. Our Team's tax expertise enables our corporate clients to reduce and defer their taxes when engaging in commercial transactions and corporate reorganizations. We have extensive experience and expertise in transactions involving virtually every area of corporate and commercial law.

Freeze Your Assets

Wealth preservation often involves the creation of holding companies, a corporate reorganisation and the implementation of an estate freeze. Such planning regularly requires the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills and property transfers. Howard Alpert, C.S. is certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Taxation Law and as a Specialist in Corporate and Commercial Law. Howard is also recognized as an expert in Estates and Trusts Law. Our Team provides tax and corporate advice to develop plans that reduce and defer tax, preserve value and maintain the financial well-being of heirs.